With Charlotte by your side, grumpy, scary monsters won't stand a chance! With her smiling face and happy, friendly attitude, they'll quickly turn the other way and find someplace else to do their scaring. Whether you need to sleep or face a trip to someplace new that makes you nervous, Charlotte will lighten your spirits and calm your nerves!

With Forrest around, no one needs to worry about shadows in the corners of a room or odd little sounds in the night. Forrest is always on guard, protecting you and your loved ones from the frights of the night! He's pretty great at it in the daytime, too!

Madeline is a spunky Monster ready to play and have fun when you're out and about, but when night time hits, she's always on the job and ready to keep bad monsters, nightmares and fears away! You'll never have to worry when Madeline is around. She's ready for a cuddle when you need it the most!

Squonk is the best friend for any kid and scary things don't bother Squonk one bit!
If you're ever scared or nervous, Squonk isn't! If you're sad or angry, Squonk isn't! Squonk is just ready to play, cuddle, run and swing with you! Leave fears and sadness behind when you've got Squonk by your side.